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Nov 13

The variants of Black Jack

The Black Jack because of its popularity has inspired casinotiers and they have created games based on the Black Jack. These games also called variants, have their origins in Blackjack but know the peculiarities that are specific to them. Thus, we will try to introduce you some variants of Black Jack and define their specificities. You will find in online casinos or physical variants such as Wild, Vegas, Switch, Super Fun, or Progressive Black Jack.

We will first talk about Super Fun, it is a variant of Black Jack very appreciated by the players. As we specified at the beginning, these variants take into account the fundamental rules of the Black Jack, because of this, the principle of game does not change. We’ll just see some variations in the course of the game. The Super Fun as its name suggests was designed for Black Jack players who are looking for the exciting side of the game. Thus, the first variant of this game is that it runs with only one deck of cards unlike the Black Jack. The player has the possibility to separate the cards he receives in different hands and this more than 4 times in the same game.

Then, the Black Jack Progressive is a variant of Black Jack that works with two bets. This simply means that despite the initial bet, players will perform side bets and it is the player who will succeed in beating the dealer who will pocket the jackpot. It is played like Blackjack with 1 or 4 games of 52 cards, but getting a “Black Jack” is not necessary to win. The player must chain game hands that will present the most As possible.