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Nov 13

Black Jack History

The history of Black Jack is much controversial by historians, because no one has been able to determine up to our day the true origin of this game. Hence the birth of many controversies and uncertainty in the mind from those who want to know more about the origins and history of Black Jack.

However, our research revealed that the game of Black Jack appeared during the industrial revolution in the early 70s. This game was played for the first time in casinos in Eastern Europe and it was known as the name “Black Jack” because of its base. The card players named this game “Black Jack” because his goal is to acquire cards whose sum is equal to 21. Black Jack was considered the card not excellence if a player wanted to win a game. Thus, the game of “Black Jack” took another name which was the “21” because of the 21 points that had to be had.

In 1800, the “Valet Noir” entered the American game world and was automatically renamed “Black Jack” and this name remained dedicated to this game until today. Arrived in the United States, gambling houses precisely those of Las Vegas in Texas decide to renovate the game by giving it another approach. This is how we see the different bonuses affiliated with Black Jack, techniques and strategies of advanced games. And the reformulation of this game has allowed players to enjoy it more and make Blackjack the most played casino game in the world nowadays.